Esperimento per Contabilità Facile

+403,6% Esperimento: vantaggi dell’offerta

Conversion Rate Optimization per Contabilità facile

Rilevanza statistica: 99%
Ipotesi principale: una evidente lista di vantaggi per aumentare la persuasività della pagina
Ipotesi secondaria: un miglioramento del design della tabella avrebbe aumentato l’interesse
Ipotesi secondaria: un elemento grafico esplicativo in testa avrebbe innescato l’attenzione


B – SFIDANTE +403,6 CR


Grafico risultati conversion rate optimization per Contabilità facile

Dicono di me:

Marco Scurati
Marco Scurati
course coordinator and teacher at IED (education & consultancy)
Andrea is remarkable hard worker, precise and reliable, he has a lateral thinking mind, without loosing sight of the business objective of clients, he is oriented to results with the right balance of efectivness and creativity
marco sinigaglia
marco sinigaglia
at consultant
I spent two months working with Andrea on an web integrated project and I got the chance to appreciate his bright intelligence, his passionate and professional viewpoint.
Bruno Bonisiol
Bruno Bonisiol
Words. Worlds.
Andrea is a clever art director, reliable professional with a very open mind forged by years of wandering around the world. You will enjoy working with him.
Alejandro J. Gonzalez
Alejandro J. Gonzalez
Responsabile Sviluppo
He has the different point of view that everybody must know. It’s very interesting work with him.
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